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“Incredibly Positive”

“My experience with Insight Global has been incredibly positive. My recruiter has really gone above and beyond to ensure that my experience with the company was second to none. It’s obvious that customer and client experience comes first. Great work!” Nathaniel, IT Consultant, Seattle

“Business Partner and Friend”

“Working with Insight Global has truly been a pleasure. Throughout the recruiting and hiring process every detail was carried out efficiently and effectively. I especially found it incredible that at the initial interview, and first day of work, an Account Manager is there to support you with any last minute questions or whatever you may [...]

“Exceptional Service to the Armed Forces”

“Insight Global has proven to be a versatile leader in IT recruiting, with exceptional service to the Armed Forces. Upon my departure from Active Duty, Ross made my transition seamless in an economy that seems uncertain. With more of my Brothers/Sisters in Arms departing their full time Patriotic Duty, I always introduce them to Ross [...]

“Top Notch Service”

“Geoff and Collin were professional, excellent, and delivered a top notch service that was outstanding, and greatly exceeded my expectations. When an issue arose they were on top of it in real time by calling, emailing, and texting me to work through the process. They were professional in always showing up on time to introduce [...]

“I Strongly Recommend”

“This is my first recommendation to a staffing services company in my 10+ years of consulting experience. I strongly recommend Insight Global to anyone who is need of staffing services not because I received a placement through Insight Global but because of their professional behavior, positive attitude, detail-oriented guidance, and prompt communication!” Raj, IT Consultant, [...]

“Long Standing Relationships”

“I’ve been with Insight Global for less than a year and things are going great. The great thing about Insight Global is the long standing relationships they have with their clients, making the possibility of rolling into a full time employee a true possibility. I’m currently employed at one of their clients which have taken [...]

“Communication, Support, and Commitment!”

“I have been with Insight Global for almost one year and it has been a great experience from the first contact. The team’s commitment is amazing. Insight Global did not disappear once I started with the client. Instead, they remained strong in their communication. They continue to checked-in with me to make sure that things are [...]

“Above and Beyond!”

“I highly recommend Insight Global. Both Paige and Kyndal in the Greater Nashville area have gone above and beyond to make my transition into a new position as smooth as possible. I was matched with a great client during my initial job search, and they were diligent in following through after my interview. They also [...]

“I would highly recommend”

“My experience with Insight Global was superb. I was contacted by Whitney with a job opportunity. I had been trying unsuccessfully to get an interview with this company for many months. Whitney was able to secure an interview for me. Within a few days, I was offered the position of NOC Technician. I would not [...]

“100% Confidence”

March 12, 2013 “My overall experience with Insight Global has been excellent. Last October, two recruiters from Insight Global found my resume online, contacted me and had an interview for a consulting position setup within a week (which I was offered and I accepted). Key strengths:  Both recruiters were professional, straightforward, practiced open and timely communication, and [...]

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