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Consultant Testimonials

“Just Like Home”

“From the moment I spoke on the phone with my recruiter, Meagan and interviewed with Nicole until right now, as I sit at my desk and type this review, Insight Global has felt like family. The staff has been friendly and personable, easy to talk to and always available to help me with anything, whether [...]

“I Was Prepared”

“I was initially hesitant to accept a position as a contract employee, but my recruiters/contacts at Insight Global ensured that everything went smoothly. From our initial job requirements and salary discussions to meeting me at the site of my interview with the contract employer to make sure I was prepared, they went out of their [...]

“Highly Recommend”

“I have been working with Insight Global for the past 17 months as a QA Analyst Consultant at their client location in NJ. It has been a very good experience. Very professional and supportive recruiters who were in contact periodically throughout the contract tenure. On time weekly payment without any issues. I would highly recommend [...]

“I Heartily Recommend Them”

“I’ve worked with Insight Global for years, initially as a hiring manager, until last year when the time came that I was the one looking for employment. I got in touch with one of their professional recruiters, and honestly I’ve never looked back. She took the time to get to know me. With her, I [...]

“More Than Worthwhile”

“I have experience both utilizing Insight Global as a customer and as an employee. The team here works diligently to respect your time, match quality candidates with teams who need them, and make the overall experience a positive one. Whether you are looking to fill a hard to recruit for position or are looking for [...]

“They Genuinely Care”

“Everyone I met at Insight Global is friendly and helpful. I was warmly welcomed by six people when I went to their office. I left with the impression that they genuinely care about matching employers with the best possible candidates. I worked directly with Amanda, who genuinely welcomed each of my emails (and sometimes there [...]

“A Position That I Could Thrive In”

“The staff at Insight Global was professional during the entire interviewing and hiring process. By actively listening to my questions, they were able to eliminate any doubts or concerns I had about the job position. The company was able to place me into a position that I could thrive in because they took the time [...]

“Opportunity To Boost My Career”

“Insight Global gave me an opportunity to boost my career. They placed me at an awesome company. I enjoy every part of my job, and I learn so much out of it too. The staff at Insight Global are very quick at responding and very friendly. They don’t make you feel like an employee, but [...]

“Refreshingly Awesome!”

“They were refreshingly awesome! Great company with great talent to help you find new opportunities. I honestly didn’t expect a staffing agency to be so accommodating and courteous. I was called and interviewed by Amanda in the Morristown, NJ office. Her energy and overall knowledge was through the roof. Hands down one of the best [...]

“Professional, prepared, helpful, and aggressive”

“Baylen and Cortney at Insight Global are the most professional, prepared, helpful, and aggressive recruiters I have worked with in 5 months of job searching. They’re extremely positive, direct, and functional in their recruitment efforts. All responses were quick, timely, and either accurate or, if follow up was required, obtained quickly. I begged them to [...]

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